Beijing time on December 13th afternoon, the domain name registration company GoDaddy announced yesterday, will pay China users to buy GoDaddy domain name and host by alipay. Prior to Chinese users to register domain names in GoDaddy or to buy the host, only the use of credit cards, credit cards need to be verified by PayPal, which brings inconvenience to the Chinese mainland users.

GoDaddy said in a statement, Asia has a huge population, with nearly 43% of the world’s Internet users. However, the use of credit cards and PayPal in the Asian market is not wide, which makes it difficult for Asian consumers to buy GoDaddy services. GoDaddy said that the company will begin to pay Alipay service. The IP address in the Chinese mainland and Hongkong users will see Alipay’s options in the choice of payment.

Godaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar, founded in 1997, is the world’s first domain name registration domain name service provider, the global market share of 18%. The number of domain names registered by Godaddy has exceeded 23 million.