said "management", people will feel it seems so far away from their own, when the Internet over $in the drift, the entire industry people are dreaming of "take VC money" and "listed", but no one down to think about, not more, give you thirty who let you go to the tube, you tube? You know how to divide the Department, improve business, sales, administrative management and how to deploy.

don’t tell me, as long as the money, hire a manager on the line, the number thirty of the company, in the market, can not find the quality management personnel, because the temple is too small. And you do the Internet is not the same, you can become three years Internet veteran, but an experienced veteran management, at least ten years, fifteen of the skill, this is not a master of management veteran. Specifically, management personnel’s age is usually thirty years old to 50 years old between. If a question: let you use the stapler binding document, it is the "next three cm, about one centimeter of such a standard, only the exam, can brush down a large number of substandard management personnel.

people used in the "management" on the lazy, upside down by their own management rinses. For example, the drafting of the management table, there are a number of managers personally drafted, most of them are arranged to go hand in hand, his trial finished. It is this point for the chaotic management of planted the seed, because everyone’s different perspective, see the problem is easy to know, can not totally thorough view of management, when such a management table is used, the management of trouble will emerge in an endless stream. For example, a customer service that, if any business leaders disguised as clients to check, can be startled at how many services, the problem in your own person Tangsai, forgotten, the Department is not doing customer service, is simply holding a dustpan to dump the customer.

many people are talking about entrepreneurship, talk about success, talk about financing, talk about money, but there are a few people know, when really decided to set up their own business, the first face is the rental office, recruiting, telephone, research products, to develop marketing strategies such as a lot of problems in management. The success of the cause of success, to become the brightest star in the eyes of the people, there is only one kind of people, that is, unusually proficient in management, have their own unique set.

you can not learn, you can not love, but you I want to take a step forward, your legs will be the first to hold the management. A few people you can manage, but dozens of people, hundreds of people, thousands of people, whether you can manage again? Why China can not get out of GOOGLE, it is not a technical problem, it is only a management problem. I never care about the news, the webmaster Admin5 lying there every day looking at Baidu, Sina News there booing, only collective masturbation, set aside "management", what is not, you may not become Baidu, as sina. Management is the real killer behind the scenes, the real limit, a month to earn ten thousand dollars, grassroots webmaster can only do >