following this year in April to get $15 million C round of financing, video coding and optimization program provider Beamr Imaging recently announced the acquisition of $4 million from Verizon Ventures risk financing. The company will use the new funds to accelerate the development of patent technology, Verizon Ventures and Eric Schmidt together with the company’s existing investors’ s fund Innovation Endeavors, Marker LLC and Disruptive Beamr, to help improve the performance of the network for consumers to provide high quality video.

Beamr created by Sharon Carmel in 2009, the company headquarters is located in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, but also in the city of Artaud from the United States and Russia St Petersburg offices. The company has a good image science experts, mainly for the world’s top MSOs, OTT streaming media service providers, Hollywood studios, web publishers and social content publishing platform to provide services. Through the use of Beamr Optimization video optimization technology, some large network operators to reduce video traffic and storage costs, so that the company’s operating costs reduced by 20%, or even more.

the investment side Verizon Ventures director David Famolari said, "the current consumer video service for the industry competition, all enterprises are eager to seek progress, we believe that the Beamr ‘video optimization technology can help improve the performance of the network. Beamr can help reduce the memory required for video storage, reduce the cost of high bandwidth video content transmission, but also ensure that the quality is not compromised. Due to the increasing number of high-definition video and ultra high video, Beamr technology can provide consumers with high-quality video, improve end-user experience plays an important role."