the latest news, Comsenz (Comsenz) and iResearch (IResearch), "stationmaster" club jointly launched the "Fifth Session of the 2009 Chinese Internet community development survey report" in the mid to late 10 released. Survey data show that along with the rapid growth of the number of Internet users and network community Chinese depth development, demand for more and more users to access the vertical class community, especially the social network (SNS) application form and popularity of the vertical community is facing new development opportunities.

combined with community survey data analysis, China’s online community is clearly the trend of differentiation, community users increasingly diversified demand. The number of users involved in the survey 92.3% frequently visited the community in more than two. 27.2% of the users often visit the two communities, and more than 29.1% of the users often visit the community, often visit more than 4 communities to reach 36% users.

from 2009, China’s Internet users often visit the number of community forums can be seen, the current needs of users for the network community is diverse. The actual application of network community shows that it is difficult to have a community can fully meet the needs of all users. Currently only 7.1% of users only access 1 network community, so the community network operators, especially small and medium-sized network community owners, the opportunities of space is multi-dimensional, in addition to general and local community portal, community service content targeted, professional vertical will have greater prospects for development.



2009 Chinese Internet users often log in the number of forums

it is understood that the study of some new situations and problems encountered in the development of China internet hotspot in the community and the analysis of the survey point, provide data support and theoretical basis for the development of the field of the Internet community. Online survey since the beginning of July 24 to the end of September 5th, the number of samples collected from the community of users is 5178, the number of community operators sample is 2402. The rapid growth of diversity and community service China users, determines the development trend of the current network community vertical segments, new opportunities for the vertical segments of a network of community development and positioning, and provides a new idea using high viscosity characteristics of social network is a vertical community construction.