if the Alibaba is a huge customer group trading platform

so the search engine will be a huge potential customer groups of customer platform

how to seize the search engine, seize the customer.

V5SHOP power network Weibo shop promotion first

1, keyword analysis

the key word of a website is very important, a good core keywords will guide you to the other side of the sea, like the compass.

how to determine a core keywords, not just need to use various types of software for system analysis, more need to understand your industry.

a key word is not just a word related to your site, but also a word with a large amount of search. At the same time, it is also one of the most prominent words in your website


usually you will follow the basic situation of your site, analysis of a list of keywords, and then look at the search engine competition, so you need to get the core keywords.

There are many

analysis tools: http://s.www.021web.com.cn/wenzhang/200898/0809081038047265.html here to download the list

2, TITLE Title off important

if a page in terms of what is most important in terms of SEO, is bound to be the TITLE function, but fortunately, V5SHOP, including more online shop system provides a custom title of the product features,

allows you to do not affect the full name of the premise of the normal commodity, but also to set up a most suitable TITLE title.

TITLE settings need to pay attention to, TITLE try to contain 1 to two key words, do not need too much, do not stack, do not add something not relevant.

Such as:

ATH-ES7 send electrostatic paster Hefei spot can listen! The triangle authorized dealer network

can be directly set as: iron triangle ATH-ES7 or Hefei iron triangle ATH-ES7 also can choose: Hefei iron triangle ATH-ES7| iron triangle network authorized distribution

but that’s enough. Don’t be too smart for your own ideas, or Baidu will kill you.

to be honest this is soft, propaganda V5SHOP online system, but for many network operators in terms of or have a look, the whole article has 12 sections, a comprehensive introduction to SEO technology for network optimization.