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In view of the "

Microsoft has stopped updating ASP and maintain this fact for 11 years", and PowerEasy SiteFactory/BizIdea after more than three years of development and perfection, all aspects have been far more than SiteWeaver products and other factors, today we released the following announcement: "since the date of Foshan Dongyi network technology limited company to stop the new development and sales of SiteWeaver products. That is, in addition to the necessary BUG patch fixes and security vulnerabilities, the move will no longer release a new version of the SiteWeaver series and provide new features."

to feel that the current SiteWeaver is enough to satisfy the needs of the user site, you can continue to use SiteWeaver products, we will provide continuous service for the continued use of SiteWeaver users, and make the following commitments:

1, easy to continue to provide SiteWeaver products bug fixes and security patch release work;

2, easy to continue to provide SiteWeaver conversion to SiteFactory / BizIdea product upgrades.

3, easy to continue to provide a powerful standard version of the free use of the majority of individual users.

As everyone knows

, SiteWeaver series of products since 2003 PowerEasy established continuous development, continuous improvement of products, has helped young PowerEasy in the CMS industry reached its benchmark one after another, no SiteWeaver no PowerEasy today. It can be said that the PowerEasy people for the SiteWeaver series of illustrious military exploits have made with the most profound, outsiders do not understand the feelings of. At the same time, as a more mature and standardized enterprises, especially in technology every day, which means change rapidly behind the death of the IT software industry, we clearly understand that: to let the enterprise obtain more long-term and stable development, must make their own technical capacity to keep up with the speed upgrade the new technology, even at the forefront of the industry technology development; otherwise, as long as a little behind, there may be a ruthless market out, but also related to the hundreds of thousands of loyal users interests powereasy.

therefore, for this is a very difficult decision, easy to move in the majority of SiteWeaver loyal users to express my sincere apologies, but also sincerely hope to be able to get the majority of SiteWeaver users to understand and support. For the continued use of SiteWeaver users, we sincerely thank you for a long time on PowerEasy trust and support; to feel that the current SiteWeaver products have been unable to meet the needs of the users, we recommend that you upgrade to SiteWeaver, while the "alternative products