China IDC review network reported on December 07, according to the latest data released by, as of December 3, 2012, the global market share of domain name analysis service providers remained stable. Compared with the early November, the world’s largest domain name resolution service provider WILDWESTDOMAINS.COM share rose 0.01%, to $25.437%. The largest domain name service provider China million net share has a small rise 0.01%, ranking twelfth in the world for 0.954%.


(Figure 1) the domain name of the domain name service provider domain map (as of 2012/12/3)

as shown in Figure 1, the United States WILDWESTDOMAINS.COM obvious advantages, continue to lead the global domain name service provider market, the total number of close to 35 million domain names. While the remaining fourteen domain name resolution service business, domain names are less than 5 million, all in the twelfth row.


(Figure 2) in late November the global domain name resolution service providers ranked TOP15 (as of 2012/12/3)

in late November, the global domain name service provider Top15 rankings, the United States occupy 11 seats. Among them, the total number of WILDWESTDOMAINS.COM domain 33715232, more than the beginning of the new 39576, the market share rose to 25.4366%. Ranking followed by ENOM.COM, the total domain name down to 3099030, the share also fell to 2.3381%.

in the list of finalists, China is still only online list. Civilink ranked twelfth, the domain name amount to 1264948, the market share is small rise nearly 0.01%.

in addition to the United States, China, Germany, France and Australia also have a domain name service provider list. But in the current market structure, the American hegemony is still strong.

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