December 19th afternoon message, according to the Tencent Inc responsible person confirmed that the recent hot lead coral version of QQ infringement case today in Shenzhen Nanshan District court, but not in court for sentencing results.

had legal figures believe that, if the Tencent Inc accused Chen Shoufu, the author of the coral reef by bundling coral QQ illegal profits of the crime, Chen Shoufu may be sentenced to 1 to 7 years in prison.

the origin of the incident is that in August 2007 the Tencent Inc joint police force in Shenzhen, Chen Shoufu, the author of the coral reef from Beijing to be arrested in Shenzhen, coral reef site was closed. December 2007, Chen Shoufu’s lawyer was informed that the case will be held on December 19th in Shenzhen, Nanshan District court hearing.

Tencent stressed that the legitimate rights and interests of users and businesses should be protected by law, coral QQ is not only infringement of copyright infringement Tencent products, but also bring user security risks.

coral version of QQ infringement is deeply affected by the industry concerned, the current spread outside many third party software version of Tencent qq. In addition to corals, as well as Piaoyun, madman, Ares, US, happy pole, Haifeng, waia, rain forest wind etc.. Some commentators believe that this trial if Chen Shoufu loses, means that the external QQ will face the full retreat.

concerned long-term Shanghai lawyer Yunting noted that the trial results may not be optimistic, but he still insisted Chen Shoufu is civil tort rather than criminal point of view. He wrote in the Sina blog that copy of the work to reach a certain standard of profit constitutes a criminal offense, Chen Shoufu’s behavior is to modify the infringement of the work of others, but civil cases.

The latest news from Tencent

shows that the case is still in the trial stage, today’s hearing exchange of evidence, and taken some related processes, but not in court for sentencing. Yunting expresses, the criminal case may the court verdict, but this does not.

Tencent also did not disclose the time of the two hearing, saying that the information will be announced by the court. There is no key progress, all progress and results will be subject to the court, we are unable to comment." Tencent relevant person in charge told Sina technology.

, according to sources, Tencent Inc had in 2006 on the company’s Web site to provide a coral version of the QQ client page download page, and now the page has been deleted. This is a reflection of the Tencent Inc QQ version of the coral reef has experienced a shift from encouragement to suppress.

before the deadline, coral site ( shows only a word "No. 19 at 9:30 in the morning, Nanshan court, also did not disclose the latest progress of the case.

Event Background:

2001, Chen Shoufu, a teacher at the Beijing Institute of Technology computing center, launched the QQ version of coral reef;