Washington "catch" said: "I will give you 5 minutes, do not give me the words you will die!" in December 5th last year, sina.com.cn staff Mr. Zhao received such a chat. 5 minutes later, the site of Beijing and other places, a number of UT servers suddenly suffered massive information attacks, in nearly 500 minutes to provide services to users. Yesterday, the manufacture of this hacker attacks on Sina Zhang Bo trial in Haidian court.


according to the allegations, December 4, 2007 to January 8, 2008, Zhang Bo through the denial of service attacks, attacks on Sina UT server, sina Beijing, Tianjin, caused by Guangzhou’s UT server fully blocked, the loss reached nearly 500 thousand yuan. Prosecutors believe that Zhang Bo constitutes a crime of destruction of computer information systems.

Zhang Bo admitted in court that his attack on Sina’s criminal facts, but said the attack time of 500 minutes. Zhang Bo said that by the end of 2007, he found his UT number stolen on the Internet, so Sina customer service call, so that customer service staff to help find back. But Sina customer service requirements for Zhang Bo is not positive, which makes Zhang Bo very angry. So he threatened Sina UT staff in the chat room, said that if Sina does not give him 5 "8" and the "9" UT auspicious number, he will attack on sina. According to Zhang Bo said, in order to attack Sina, he deliberately spent 500 yuan, from the hands of a network of dealers to buy a few chicken and rented a server. Sina did not meet its two lucky number, the case began to attack on the Sina UT server.

according to Sina staff said, in the first UT server being attacked paralysis after Sina person gave Zhang Bo two "lucky number", I hope he will not be attacking Sina’s UT server, but in January 8th this year, Zhang Bo again attacked Sina’s UT server, and admitted his black sina. In January 16, 2008, 33 year old Zhang Bo was arrested at his home in Dalian.

other related news: in order to chat channel number, Zhang Bo bought the "chicken" virus attacks sina.com.cn, resulting in paralysis of network of more than 500 minutes, Sina was forced to agree to his request to give twice a good number. Yesterday, the dock a point suspected of the crime of destroying computer information system station of Shanghai Lake court. Sina filed a supplementary civil claims of $570 thousand.

Zhang Bo is a native of Liaoning, Dalian, after graduating from high school has no formal work. When he was brought to court, he stood with his legs crossed and corrected by the judge. The prosecutor accused, from December 4th last year to January this year, 8 day, Zhang Bo on sina.com.cn in Haidian District (the Chinese) UT network server limited to attack, causing the company located in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Beijing and other places of the UT server completely blocked, unable to provide network services, the total of more than 500 minutes. Identified, Zhang Bo’s behavior caused by >