business platform is also the nature of the business, not to make money in the business platform is unthinkable ", August 27th, interview of Suning chairman Zhang Jindong, for the recent concern of" commercial war ", seems not to regard it as right. In his plan, Jingdong and Suning it does not claim to be an order of magnitude of the competitors, and Liu Qiangdong launched the electricity supplier war, (micro-blog) is a necessary interlude in the development process.

Since 2010 officially launched

from, Suning actually began to enter the new era of transformation, its direction is through "online" integration, to optimize the efficiency of the supply chain, this point is the essence of Zhang Jindong’s retail industry more than and 20 years to appreciate.

and whether online or offline, fight more is the construction of the supply chain background, including logistics systems, IT systems and data flow, etc.. Suning Appliance (micro-blog) from the beginning of listing in 2004, they invested heavily in the construction of supply chain and logistics system, so far still need big investment. In August 13th, Suning Appliance announced that plans for the public issuance of not more than 8 billion yuan (including 8 billion yuan) of corporate bonds, funds raised by one of the main direction is the innovation and optimization of logistics operation system.

whether it is retail, or electronic business platform, to scale development, we must have a strong background system." This is the reason why Zhang Jindong think Jingdong and Suning is not an order of magnitude, one of the reasons: Jingdong only a few short years, its logistics and supply chain has not yet fully formed.

thus, in Zhang Jindong’s view, the so-called "business wars", in fact, has no practical meaning, "military forces did not arrive, forage, no food, no preparation, how wars"


coincidentally, media recently disclosed Ma Yun (micro-blog) in the classroom when speaking to some of the comments, the electricity supplier war which, for Liu Qiangdong in the "overnight" decided to challenge, Ma Yun said, "the general large-scale activities so that two months of preparation is unavoidable."

started half a month ago, the electricity supplier war were not, Zhang Jindong wants to say something. Reporter Zhang Jindong participated in the annual meeting of the clearance of Hony investment went to interview him.

electricity supplier war is not a war,

"twenty-first Century": Suning this line under the same line, in fact, is very challenging, the cost of the line should be higher than the line

Zhang Jindong: many people believe that the price of electricity supplier platform is often cheaper than the store, which is actually a false proposition. In fact, the cost of traditional electricity providers, is much higher than the cost of traditional retailers.

core competitiveness of electronic business platform, is in its warehousing and logistics, this part of the investment. Suning over the years has been to increase the construction of this area, has completed the construction of 18 logistics bases, with 80 regional distribution centers and