this year electricity supplier war the most exciting scene will be staged in June 18th, it will be on the first half of this year, a summary of the electric war battle, the result of the battle will affect to the second half of the electricity supplier pattern. The original Jingdong should be the battle of the protagonist, but now, Tmall, a trend of Kuba turn from a guest into a host. The battle for the Jingdong and is the most critical, this is the second half of the public opinion, Tmall is the battle of the spoiler, Kuba is to follow up, everyone is in a tacit and Jingdong.

Jingdong: the anniversary month of June

This is the Jingdong

June 18 anniversary of the day, the Jingdong June promotion plan is around June 18 as the core layout. From April May, the Jingdong of containment, finally began to force in June, but progress seems to Jingdong in June is not so smooth., Tmall, seems to not let Kuba Jingdong to the Jingdong in June, with 1 billion yuan overweight promotions,, Tmall, Kuba to varying degrees, with different angles of the June business war. The electricity supplier giant hit the Jingdong began to show the effects, although Jingdong can not pull dismount, but has been holding Jingdong, the pace of development, Hongkong will promote the valuation of Jingdong is a good proof of the. Bystander outsiders can only silently wish Jingdong in June achieved good results. E18 0 yuan purchase this year’s development goal is very simple, is to catch up with the Jingdong. The first half of’s goal has been reached, the site traffic, trading volume, the attention of the media have increased dramatically, in June 18 of is on the first half of a summary of big promotion activities. So once again resorted to the killer "0 yuan purchase", how much to buy much return for consumers is very attractive. Three key words in the big promotion is full, value, enough goods, which means that the Suning big promotion is not for a class of products of Jingdong launched attacks, but the whole category of competition. This battle is crucial to the development of in the second half,’s amazing performance expectations.

Tmall: Recycling online shopping Carnival

in public attention when and Jingdong mall duel, Tmall is a bold face challenge of Jingdong. Jingdong and Tmall rival for a long time, but in the Jingdong anniversary, Tmall broke into a punch really sad Jingdong. Tmall this big promotion slogan is "the reconstruction of online shopping Carnival", originally is the anniversary of 6.18 Jingdong, is now Tmall abruptly into online shopping carnival, Tmall, which is in turn from a guest into a host. Tmall is even more mischievous 15 to 17 issue of $40 million in cash envelopes, while the red envelope was only in the audience on the 18 universal. Tmall side said that the 6.18 online shopping Carnival does not care how much turnover, only care about how many consumers get benefits, in fact, Tmall spoof Jingdong is the most essential purpose. On the other hand, Tmall and seem to have a tacit understanding of Tmall’s activities in 15>