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Gome once again came to a turning point.

the afternoon of May 26th, Gome group is responsible for the marketing business senior vice president Li Juntao, the second time this year unveiled the United States online communication, and said that the United States will fully open resources online and offline integration, will achieve mutual fusion and assist in product mining sales, logistics and IT etc..

this is the second time the United States and the United States senior official appearance of the United States online media communication will be, as of now, the United States and the group said publicly that the United States and the United States to support the largest efforts online initiatives.

The integration of


nearly two years, the United States has been relatively slow online business layout. According to Analysys data show that the first quarter of 2014 Chinese B2C online retail transaction share, Gome online market share is only 1.2%, while Tmall was 48.4%, accounting for 20.1% of the Jingdong. Obviously, as the line of the old retail giant, the United States is very dissatisfied with this share.

United States online performance in the industry has been flat, and has been in a state of loss. Although the United States official recently revealed that the United States and the United States to reduce the online loss rate, gross profit margin has increased to 7-8%, while the United States and the United States will be more strategic group from the u.s.. However, compared to a large amount of resources Suning tilt to the line, in the outside world, the United States has not been so much online internal resources support.

Li Juntao publicly for the first time to attend the United States online business conference, and to "unified online and offline merchandise marketing", the core of the supply chain advantage out of action, to ensure online cheap goods, expressed support for the United States online business.

"the United States is the origin of war. We especially love war, playing for 28 years, one day does not itch beater." Communication in the meeting, Li Juntao beat the table and said, "I told the supplier a shot is billions of orders, 200 thousand Taiwan joint venture brand TV orders, we are holding down a year early, nobody else can get." To get the full support of the group, the state of the United States to provide the advantages of the core supply chain, Mou Guixian in the communication meeting, a change in the usual low-key and stable performance, it is very easy and pleasant.

user experience is the first one, not bearing a sudden burst of user access in IT, with no promotion, delivery logistics distribution cannot be satisfied, for online resources for large tilt and expansion is a waste." On the one hand, the United States is a summary of the lessons of Suning electricity supplier transformation, on the one hand, the United States is not facing the rapid transformation of the electricity supplier business issues given explanation. Li Juntao said that in recent years the low-key is in the "foundation" of the stage, after a year of preparation, Gome online and offline store in logistics, IT technology, web pages and the optimization of supply chain have done a large integrated whole, now reached the stage of force.

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