went to a year, the Spring Festival peak ticket is already coming, they began to live a home for a ticket to the day since the network ticket, get used to be a good day, early lying in front of the computer, log into the ticketing website, and then wait for the ticket for the moment, the tension can be as much as the college entrance examination.

in order to be able to grab tickets now, all tickets artifact quietly appeared, such as tickets Zhuanban browser, log into 12306 sites, the software has custom "12306.cn tickets assistant application, when the query input ticket, time, tickets in accordance with the assistant set query cycle, automatic refresh no new ticket. It can carry out intensive automatic brush votes, it is easier to get tickets, the relevant reports are also very much.


try holding the attitude, zijinggang downloaded a cheetah browser, and then log into the 12306 set number, date, and want to buy a train ticket seating information and so on, enter the verification code, and then click on the automatic booking, did not take long to select a train ticket, to pay for the time, that is illegal booking request, once again I try, results or illegal booking request, finally watched the train tickets from there to.


In order to verify the other

users use this browser is not the same way, zijinggang input cheetah browser at Baidu, see some netizens commented, "tragedy ah, I No. 16, No. 17 are using it to grab 16 of the time to grab I think I am not familiar with the process, when TM is 17 illegal booking request… Two chances were it to have…", it seems that some users experience with the yuan is the same.

later saw some netizens said recently 12306 sites in the frequent updates, so grab votes plug-in also needs to be updated frequently, was able to successfully use electronic China reference of China Academy of Railway Sciences Institute deputy director Zhu Jiansheng said here, "the master of the software on the Internet can do research methods a faster train ticket grab however, it is unfair to the other passengers, we also study the behavior according to the related regulations, maintain fairness for tickets. Hope that we do not blindly grab votes software." Booking is extended and the accelerator plug-in browser based software, "using these tickets, user name, password and other information will be recorded, personal information may be leaked".

I of this experience and hope to be able to help you are buying tickets, do not rely solely on tickets artifact, it is best to use intelligent and manual synchronization, sometimes there is not a panacea, or need more hands, chances to grab votes and more.


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