recently, the withdrawal of the handle network IPO caused concern in the industry. According to reports, in June 19th, the handle network has been formally submitted to the United States SEC file, revocation of the listing plan. And the focus will be placed on the next refinement of operations management. In the China group purchase industry faces certain development shackles today, takes shares in Waterloo suffered again and again today, lashou choose this time to withdraw IPO, is definitely a wise move. Just as in boxing: sometimes the fist is recycled to make the next attack more powerful!

2010, is often used to describe the rise of the group buying. Indeed, in this year, numerous group purchase site where they stand, it is to let people see the China group purchase mode in the feasible, but also caused a popular influence on network consumption. However, after 2011 crazy shuffle, after entering the, buy site suddenly showed a shrinking trend. According to the latest data show that the group of 800, as of April 2012, the number of group purchase website Chinese to 3052, compared to the most popular time of more than 5 thousand and 58, there have been 2006 frustrated. For this reason, the market began to buy the industry giants close, so that they have more opportunities to guide the market, combing the industry. It is noteworthy that so many buy site, the handle network is the only one officially entered the IPO process of Chinese buy site, the industry representatives. In fact, if you want to know the current situation of the development of the industry to buy the group, take a look at the handle network.

industry to determine the health of a buy site is good, usually look at the site’s cash flow and capital reserves. Buy the industry reshuffle and erosion, so that entrepreneurial boom and investors began to decline, the industry is also entering a cooling off period". Previously, a number of group buying sites have been funding strand breaks, etc., but the handle is through technology and execution, effectively avoiding the common problem in this buy site. These credits in addition to the ERP system to optimize the internal configuration and resources, but also includes the promotion of the quality of the staff and the importance of operational efficiency. According to the handle network CEO Wu Bo said: net profit generated by a single hand handle sales staff, from last year to now an increase of 3~4 times." The improvement of the efficiency of individual sales staff means that in the case of the same base, the unit time can create more value. Public reports also made it clear that the network has more than 2/3 handle site has achieved profitability. This is why the handle network dare say: in June this year, will be a comprehensive profit." This is not a simple but heroic utterance, through scientific research and comprehensive judgment.

In addition to this,

cooperation resources are also regarded as a key link in the electricity supplier business. As long as a good partner, the two sides can win. From this point of view, it is clear that the network has found a good partner – Jingdong. It can be said that this cooperation actually opened up the idea of industrial cooperation and development. Electricity supplier to buy and supplement each other, the two cooperation can