[Abstract] after financing, first car loan will focus on the business to promote the level of the four: integration of resources, improve the risk control system, iterative product upgrades, optimize service experience.

Tencent science and technology news today, China’s first auto finance O2O technology service platform first car loans announced the completion of the A+ round of financing, financing amount of 217 million yuan. This led by the CRE capital investment, capital of unitary and original A round investors matrix partners with the cast, Qing capital acted as exclusive financial advisor.

first car loan CEO Guo Chao said: in the capital of the winter, the successful completion of the A+ round of financing, the capital market for the professional ability of the first car loans, the development model and growth potential recognition. First car loans to the industry trends, the precise grasp of user needs and provide sufficient funds for financing, will lay a solid foundation for future business development and strategic implementation."

round lead investor CRE Capital Partners Wu Haiyan said: "the first car loan in the automotive and financial two areas have a good team, rich experience in automobile finance asset acquisition, risk screening and control, and financial products design and operation were verified to force."

2015 first car loan successfully completed A round of financing, joint investment of CITIC Group, Beijing Automotive Group, Jingwei venture, Bailian Group, China credit and other well-known domestic enterprises, as well as the famous movie star Mr. Huang Xiaoming’s personal Senate vote. Banking department, the Department of state owned, venture capital department, the Department of the stars and other shareholders to bring strong capital support and a wide range of resources, providing a strong growth rate for first car loans.

transition from the O2O to do a one-stop financial services

in recent years, along with the automobile industry structural overcapacity, after the transfer of the direction of the market on the one hand the development of the industry focus by the front end of the car market gradually to the second-hand car, car finance mainly; on the other hand, the problems and shortcomings of the market after years of accumulation of increasingly surfaced. Especially the second-hand car field, many enterprises are facing a shortage of funds, car source shortage, channel dispersion pressure, can effectively solve the traditional financial channels, and finally lead to a series of questions that affect the development of the whole industry.

during the two sessions this year, Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report made it clear that the active second-hand car market, followed by second-hand car country eight official landing. It can be predicted that the strong inclination of the national policy will help to further release the vitality of the used car market, accelerate the development of the industry.

O2O technology as the first domestic auto finance service platform, the first car loan has pioneered the disruptive innovation reform, founded in 2014 into the second-hand car market, relying on the "Internet plus" era thinking and technological innovation, financial innovation will Internet Plus + auto grafting, O2O model of automobile financial solutions launched online the combination of offline, committed to breaking the barriers and bottlenecks of traditional financial services. To solve the long-standing problems in the industry such as low efficiency, difficult loans, long cycle, financial instability, etc.