China’s Internet has gone through 15 years, and e-commerce has a history of over 12 years, is about to open the prelude to the next reincarnation. Memories of the past, China has emerged a large and small more than 12000 B2B, B2C, C2C and other models of the site, along with China’s economic development, constitute the history of the development of China’s e-commerce industry.

so, 2010, e-commerce will show how the trend? What is the electronic commerce CEO are most concerned about the problem? In 2010 on the eve of the upcoming, domestic electronic commerce research and communications agencies China e-commerce research center, 100 CEO of China e-commerce enterprises conducted a survey released "2010 China e-commerce 100 CEO survey" (hereinafter referred to as the "investigation report") on 2010, the development trend of Chinese e-commerce are presented.

nearly 90% CEO think the next 3 years, China’s e-commerce will develop rapidly

"survey report" shows that in the investigation on the future development of e-commerce industry trend in 3 years, there are 87 CEO that, in the next 3 years China e-commerce will grow rapidly, only 13 CEO that the pace of development of electronic commerce will tend to moderate. Most of the prospects for the development of e-commerce CEO promising.

, chairman of 3 years ago has taken the lead in the A shares of small plates listed Netsun Sun Deliang said, on the one hand, the international financial crisis, the objective to promote the development of domestic e-commerce industry; on the other hand, with the increase of government policy support, the development of electronic commerce of various small and medium-sized enterprise concept gradually strengthened, in the next 3 years will be the rapid growth of electronic commerce.

In a 2010 survey of business expansion plans for 83 companies,

said that CEO will have a new expansion plan in 2010. Only a few CEO said there would be no new expansion plan. 2010 will focus on the consolidation of existing institutional reform, the existing product line and service content refinement.

with the Chinese government to the electronic commerce to support efforts to gradually increase, the small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce concept gradually strengthened, which prompted the CEO development prospects of e-commerce enterprises optimistic about. The survey report shows that there are 92 e-commerce companies CEO said that the current state government departments and local government policy support for e-commerce efforts expressed satisfaction. Among them, 25 companies CEO very satisfied with the current support policies. Only 8 CEO said the government should further increase support for this industry. The electronic commerce enterprise expressed satisfaction at the same time the support of government policy, also expressed the hope that the government departments to strengthen the enterprise e-commerce application and promotion of the work, hope can use and usage of e-commerce application in the enterprise policy, strengthen the interaction between platform and business.

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