everyone today temporarily off the screen, and announced that the content is being cleaned

sina science and technology news November 22nd evening news, everyone today temporarily off the station, and announced that the contents are being cleaned, thank you for your love and support.

announcement said: the site is cleaning up the content, thank you for your love and support, please pay attention to our micro-blog. The station since 2004 by a group of Canadian students has created more than 7 years, thanks to the way the company, we always keep learning, sharing attitude, whether it is good translation of overseas TV drama or the world elite open class, we hope these work to help, this is enough."

on the end of the month, all subtitle station micro-blog official said, due to copyright pressure at the end of November, will completely remove all copyright free download link resource. Then the micro-blog was quickly deleted.

everyone subtitles micro-blog official website screenshot

last April and in May of this year, everyone film and television sites (http://s.yyets.com) have been unable to access the situation, some users suspect that this series of events are related to copyright issues.

data show that everyone is a non-profit organization. Set up an independent forum in June 1, 2006 from the YYeTs subtitles group. (leaf)

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