keyword election wrong you may not always ranked first

keyword wrong. You may never be able to get the first place. There are no wrong words in the world, and the mistakes are only relative. I believe many webmasters have done more than a website. Let me tell you about my experience. This is the time when I do website.

a web site is good or bad: Internet users say or PR say

Abstract: About quarterly PR update, can cause a big earthquake in the webmaster, Google in 2009 the day of Dragon Boat Festival, updated its brand value, so many owners think this is the gift of Google in the China send the traditional festival the Dragon Boat festival.

an ordinary webmaster three years do cry blood lesson


talk about do stand, probably also has two or three years. But I never put the role of the webmaster to this level. At that time in their own minds have not yet estimated this concept. Do stand is pure fun, not to make money, not to rely on to survive. At that time, the idea is to spend their spare time, the friends can gather together. That’s it。

talking about the six point definition of garbage station

in the high-speed information age, 1 yuan for sale last year with the CN domain name, personal webmaster high-speed development, here comes the problem, garbage overflow, the following I define what is rubbish station.

Some suggestions on

to do personal website

not all websites, as you might imagine, can be used to make money. Some industrial sites are not many, but this does not mean that if you can do to make money. Some of the industry has a lot of websites, but does not mean you can not do it again.

owners in the industry on the mentality of the classic experience

Any one industry in reality are

we need to seek a breakthrough in the experience of the predecessors, the webmaster industry is no exception, as a small webmaster, I may not have too much experience to tell you, but industry predecessors have a lot of experience is what we don’t know, in this article, I will combine the experience of personal understanding of the predecessors and give you a summary, hope that through this series of tutorials can really help you improve, whether from the technical or mentality.

definition of a good web site: you will still remember the rest of your

has been a long time not to soak in the kart world inside, when nothing went to play. Today is ready to test the L1 driver’s license suddenly found a pass…… suddenly remembered before a. KART321 video tutorial site, ready to see the use Baidu Search, all kart321 commemorative articles…

how to run a local job website

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