is the basic necessities of life, clothing apparel, occupy a very important link, now people want to run a successful clothing store, you need to have some purchase skills, because only a good supply of ready, to open a clothing store success.

clothing purchase skills, clothing wholesale market purchase code

booth which sees things, indirect boss said: how to get it? (don’t say how to sell) and must be righteous, sound loud and clear, a pair of old! Don’t fear, look around, whispering, a look that is fake. Look at the time also airs asked: "you go home this well? I take it back to sell the price?" if he ask you "do you shop where ah?", that is to shop online.

version and version: version is just a look, a style, a designer; a version of the division to design into reality, the specific size controlled by him, making out effect is the version.

version and style: general industry called version, external sources for style. Version is only the appearance of clothing, mainly refers to the design and the use of different materials on the surface, and the style in addition to the design and surface accessories elements, color, color expression is more clear.

replenishment and single supplement: replenishment refers to on the new season after the subsequent purchase, including fill pin old version of the goods and the goods. Fill a single general is a batch of orders with the factory to do the old version of the goods.

is not their own production or distribution of roasted seeds and nuts, not their own single production goods, called roasted seeds and nuts.

stalls: precise point refers to a separated stall and counter. But in Guangdong, there are a lot of people in the shop also used to call the stalls.

tag: hanging on the clothes of cards or iron brands like, content and information, enterprise brand clothing, such as brand registration, certification, price, quality, commitment and return code conditions, some image spokesperson.

the price tag: the price tag, there is some factory, some dealers posted up.

two group: from a wholesaler merchant sold out wholesale roasted back.

imitation version known as copied version. Is to take someone else to sell the style, their orders to produce sales.

imitation brand: theft or imitate others trademark. According to the goods with the original brand close degree, generally divided into fine imitation, high imitation, imitation and imitation in low, and the corresponding argument is that the super cargo and A recommended