How do

Hotel franchisees do promotions? Most of the time, consumers are through online business platform to understand the promotional information, in addition to this, there are other promotional channels and ways? Many novice would like to learn the relevant knowledge, Xiaobian finishing a few points, hoping to help you find the right way to promote.

1, advertising promotion

advertising mainly through mass media, such as radio, radio, newspapers and other ways to target consumers to transmit information, should be combined with the target market segments, the media coverage of the media in the choice of advertising media, combined with the target market segments with the hotel to join, to find the three, the hotel will convey information out. Such as a business chain hotel should be placed in the business of business guests often read business newspapers, magazines or television programs.

2, people selling

personnel promotion is the hotel through its own sales staff and one or more potential customers, hotel intermediaries face to face negotiations, in order to promote the potential customers to buy hotel products and services.

3, sales promotion

can promote sales through price discounts to attract consumers, through small gifts, fruit baskets and prize activities to impress consumers, through the anniversary, special events promotions, through the issuance of cards, consumer integral promotion award.

4, public relations

public relations is mainly aimed at the target market, through the sponsorship and support of public welfare activities, with the help of news events, publicity activities, to deepen the impression of consumers.

How do

Hotel franchisees do promotions? Franchisees can choose to operate in a variety of ways. Select the appropriate promotions, let dealers get better profit. Have you learned all of the above? I hope you can help, to learn quickly! Do not miss a good opportunity!

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