many people are made a small fortune, from the venture from ancient to modern times appeared many entrepreneurs, and you really want to know how their business success? Here’s a look at the story of the success of the poor kid entrepreneurship.

to 7 in the morning, Lv Jingang as usual the start of a busy day.

renruqiming, Lv Jingang is always the earliest work, the last to leave, this is his pleasure, "as long as nothing to do, I will be very uncomfortable." Then, a few more than 10 years, a legend was born: the year with just 70 yuan come out to make the poor boy, suddenly become a billionaire tycoon……

punch out workaholic

The chairman of

the "first pot of gold", Lv Jingang put all sorts of things together several million yuan investment in 1996, the establishment of the Chengdu Hualong Food Company, began to move toward the road of food agency. Start at the beginning, the company only 5 people, business development for a long time no improvement, but Lv Jingang is doing a beyond all expectations: "stupid" accounted for 3800 of total funds more than 10% yuan, bought a punch machine, and then punch machine are not popular in many large companies. Lv Jingang said, this is to remind myself to work hard; but the punch machine has seen his frenzied efforts from the company set up to now, Lv Jingang is the earliest work, the last to leave.

courage superior to others

"product development, sales success, the key depends on the market, I would never do not market products and business." Lv Jingang is very brave, selfless struggle war fighter, but people familiar with him know that the young Mister bones is full of wisdom and courage.

2001 years, Lv Jingang agent Anhui melon seed brand. A trip to Anhui, he saw the production process of this melon seeds after the seeds not see light suddenly: the original "speculation", but with the Chinese herbal medicine materials do, after soaking and steaming, boiling, drying and other raw.