entrepreneurship is not afraid of late, as long as you have this passion, have the courage to do it on their own courage. Tube Tongxian 59 year old began to venture rich "Chinese manufacturing" meaning, through the enterprise enlarge their national identity. Guan Tongxian said: "I do the key is not sticking to formalities", "inconstant in policy", only in this way, in order to maintain the vitality.

my past life is also lucky luck, proud also had come down, but in general, not live in Shanghai in the 17 years, the most valuable, that is to say, after the age of 59 is the life.

1951 I was admitted to the Beijing Institute of technology, which is the predecessor of Beijing Institute of Technology, I is the second batch of college students, then students are very simple to read, for the construction of the motherland, a little vague. Although it is engineering, the atmosphere is very active