entrepreneurial shop, do a good job site is the key, which is a fact that every investor knows. For this reason, many entrepreneurs will be in the shop before, do a general survey to see if a shop is feasible in a place. With the development of China’s education, Chinese college students are becoming more and more huge. Attendant, is the demand for a variety of services for college students: eating, entertainment, clothing, shopping…… Among them, including the need for laundry. In almost every university around, can see every kind of restaurant, hotel and other places slightly normal service, compared to these, the laundry does not seem to be common.

is now the only child college students, many students at home very little contact with the housework, which includes washing clothes. And when they go to college, they wash their clothes, but have to do. Although the school may be equipped with washing machines, but still can not meet the demand, after all, so many students. In addition, the school usually use plastic basin (and possibly other materials) to wash clothes, too much may not be placed in the dormitory, and the small basin usually cannot meet the use, so if there is a laundry in the university around the business to be good.

college students are more care about dressed, on one hand they are about to enter the society, to make themselves look more mature; on the other hand, they are somewhat out of their parents have more love to choose their own baby, clothing opportunity. So, the number of college students is a lot of clothes. More clothes, change of frequency is high, the dirty clothes are more up. Therefore, the presence of laundry, can help them solve the problem of laundry cleaning, laundry will have value.

open the laundry and other sources of income in the University, the University of the surrounding hotels, restaurants etc. can also be a laundry laundry can cooperate with customers, provide clear sheets, quilt cover, curtain, tablecloth and other services, and win-win cooperation.

so, if you want to open a laundry, you can not ignore the school surrounding customer base, which is a large group, it is worth investors to choose. So, if you are going to open a laundry, would you like to be in college? How about opening a laundry in the university? Quite good business choice oh.