in recent years, online education has maintained a strong pace of rapid development. Many investors have put their eyes on the market. However, they know where the real online education market? Where is the online education market?

"course completion rate" can not judge the market. "The course completion rate is the main concern of the teachers, but from the perspective of the enterprise, the course is the first paid service", and the line of "Gym", "car beauty card" is the same, but the marginal cost of network education is almost zero, this is a big advantage of education network teaching the. Therefore, as long as the user pays, the company’s financial mission is completed; second years there will be a large number of new users to come, will repeat the process. This sounds cruel to the user, but this is precisely the reason for the existence of online education institutions to survive. Of course, we do not support the kind of tuition received on the OK approach, just want to explain that the completion rate is not an important factor in the survival of enterprises. The premise of this view is that enterprises really provide valuable teaching services, for the kind of flicker type institutions, providing quality courses, except for the loss of the brand.

N many minority groups big market. The education and training market and traditional courses in many disciplines, different business, each discipline for the respective minority groups, and by many small groups formed a unified big market group. This organization characteristics of the customer, the agency’s push push message is very difficult. For example, business promotion "cosmetics discount", then there will be fifty percent of the audience (female) interested in educational institutions; and the promotion of IELTS course Paul had class, only a small part of the audience in IELTS is the potential demand, even the same as the user, "Japanese" students are not interested in. Therefore, in the traditional educational institutions for many years to cultivate the market, the promotion of online education institutions, is still occupied by the user initiative access to information channels, high-quality SEO is absolutely difficult to avoid.