is a Japanese brand UNIQLO, is also very popular in our country, there are many shopping malls in the UNIQLO cooperative store, customers are good to reflect. However, in the Japanese market is not so optimistic. In two consecutive months of double-digit growth after June, Uniqlo  Japan UNIQLO local market downturn in the bottom, the month of Uniqlo  the Japanese market operates more than 726 UNIQLO stores a year same store sales plunged 11.7%, traffic crash is 14.6%, but the average spending with an increase of 3.4%.

Uniqlo  and in June the Japanese department store UNIQLO’s weak market sales higher contrast, benefit from the tourism industry booming, especially the consumption ability of amazing China tourists, Isetan  Mitsukoshi  Holdings  Ltd. Isetan Mitsukoshi Department Store Holdings and other major Japanese department store sales in June have double-digit growth.

6 in Uniqlo  a net decrease in Japan UNIQLO stores, a new, closed shop two, June Fast  Retailing  Co.  Ltd.  Fast Retailing group operated 813 stores total sales decline of 11.5%, plus the online store sales decline slightly narrowed to 10.9%.


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