Chengdu is one of the most innovative cities in the western region of the atmosphere, many incubators for entrepreneurs in different industries to provide tailored services. "Venture Tianfu flagship" Chengdu a square based on humanized design, let entrepreneurs enjoy most of the services in place.

"entrepreneurs at home can complete the business registration, tax registration and other administrative process." The reporter saw, occupy the main space in the region, is a government service window, 17 administrative matters in the region can be handled, including tax registration, enterprise workers social security procedures, off-site personnel designated medical institution registration. Unlike other government centers, the waiting area of the region is not an ordinary waiting seat, but is divided into three regions, including the office area, the negotiation area and coffee bar.

"office can work while waiting, talks can negotiate with the investor or business partner, coffee is a leisure area." Chengdu hi tech Zone Innovation Center, responsible person, the current renovation of the renovation of the coffee area is intense, and soon will operate.

a square in Chengdu, the design of such "intimate" everywhere. In building 7, one has completed renovation activity center can accommodate 600 people; on the 8 floor, a four lift empty design chic hall is a square, Chengdu News Center; Park signs, composed of intelligent display, someone close, can intelligent control and path query.

"Chengdu a total incubation square area of 250 thousand square meters, now almost completed incubators and enterprises to work." Chengdu high tech Zone Innovation Center responsible person said. It is reported that, as of now, there are 18 influential domestic and international public space to create a contract settled in Chengdu square.

incubation space gradually to multi direction, professional development, the business incubator platform in China there are many shortcomings, I believe that with the continuous advance of management activities, incubation platform will also self perfection, to meet the needs of guests.

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