2012 China Women’s underwear market has reached 100 billion yuan. According to authoritative statistics show that China has 700 million women, of whom 350 million are wearing a bra of the school-age population, the annual consumption of more than 600 million sets of bras, annual sales of about $150 billion. At present, China is the world’s fastest growing underwear and related industries, and the market is still in its infancy.

and second tier brands first purchase of more than 15 thousand yuan to 50 thousand yuan, the price of goods is generally 4 to 55% off of the retail price. Although the two or three line brand profit margins are relatively high, but because of the low price of the commodity itself, a single product income in general, and therefore rely on sales volume. While the profitability of the first line is relatively low, but the price of a single product is high, the income is not low. In addition, the first-line brand for those who join the capital requirements are relatively high, but its own sales supporting services is relatively sound, while relying on visibility and product quality, easy access to consumer trust.