entrepreneurs are now facing competitors, not only from the mainland, as well as compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and taiwan. Along with the economic development of the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan businessmen see billions of consumers business opportunities, began to enter the mainland market.

2007, after 80 young Fang Zhenqiang in Hongkong opened a mango mango dessert shop in Shanghai. Because of the unfamiliar, store location is not ideal, business is the dessert shop until he entered the Beijing Xidan Joy City, business improvement.

today, recalled the experience, Fang Zhenqiang think this is especially important in his life of wealth.

2007, when Fang Zhenqiang is enjoying all sorts of joys and sorrows of entrepreneurial Telford international, also entered the mainland market development.

"stop business projects, I also feel very frustrated. Mango mango is like my child, I started from scratch, from the design, the establishment of the team, product development step by step, this entrepreneurial time is still a good memory for me."

in the mainland have entrepreneurial experience, now Huiquan under the leadership of Fang Zhenqiang on the mainland market "eat well".

Fang Zhenqiang agent of a Wine sales pace, from 07 years of thousands of boxes to the current about one hundred thousand box. He said the company has taken the recommended development strategy is different from that in Hongkong in the mainland