wants to join the venture market, as the boss, the taste of rich fruit, in fact, for most people, entrepreneurship is not difficult, just find a good venture, careful management, clever use of resources, the dream will become reality.

"I want to do in this industry" reshuffle "pioneer and promoter." Just a meeting, Li Hui is stunned. As chairman of Beijing’s other health museum — other ice Liren Health Museum, she to the complex situation of hate, "now that the beauty industry in general are taken as the main way of the franchise, contract type and direct type two. But in fact, these two methods are not suitable for the development of the beauty industry." Li Hui said that the implementation of the ice Liren invented the "direct style contract to join".

"avoids the contract easily produced after the opening of the brand to join the provider will no longer provide any management problems, not like direct join because it is easy to encounter financial problems which influence the speed of enterprise development." Sitting in Asian Sports Village has just opened a 600 square meters of the beauty parlor, Li Hui said, her third store to the overall layout, small curtains and tablecloth, are their own hand care, now do not know how very. From the headquarters of the first beauty salon anzhen bridge, second Shijingshan stores, Li Hui to verify their chain model.

"open a store is actually very easy to open, second is not difficult, the difficulty is how to step on, rather than simply copy." Li Hui has been in for the upcoming industry "reshuffle" ready, "I hope I can contribute to the practice of" shuffle "coming soon, so I was under a lot of stress, others say you are such a big beauty salon, can do it?

liquidity in this industry is so big, a lot of people from digging each other, you can keep the hairdresser?" But the most let Li Hui news is that most of the employees are ice Liren Li Hui through the backbone of 5 years training, but also for her loyalty".

"but after the opening of what can be done, many people have no serious thought." Li Hui said, "our idea is to let each one into the beauty of the people are smiling, our biggest weapon is the service, to do the service as recommended