started in the coffee shop, which is the rise of a foreign entrepreneurial model, now in the country began to pop up. Countless young people embrace the dream together, a table as a starting platform for a chair.

although this cafe opened in Lanzhou, but with the help of Peking University Alumni platform and resources, it is a global business incubator platform, which is unmatched by other business space.


now, in Chinese mainland public entrepreneurship, innovation concept is growing in popularity, with "coffee" is a medium business platform has become a convenient path for the young people to achieve the dream, front and back problems of this platform in the entrepreneurial process of all personnel support bidding".

at the Lanzhou University students in reading Li Qin is settled here, she said: "the beginning of entrepreneurship, their strength is relatively small, hope that through this platform Cafe know some seniors, so that our products in the market have more chance to show."