Hot pot to join the brand in the fire Hot pot has been cubic is one of the more popular consumer items, of course, investors are more popular, if you do not really understand the brand, want to know how this brand? So let’s get together with you!

fire cube hot pot brand introduction

fire Hot pot with fresh ingredients and cubic a hundred years is not heavy, delicious Sauvignon not lit the flavor more interesting. Natural selection of ingredients, and health medicine, crystal pot into the crystal clear, eat good. As a competitive industry, the competition is very strong.

fire to cubic Hot pot authentic Chongqing Hot pot taste as the foundation, launched a new way of eating delicious barbecue Chongqing Hot pot collocation of health, both fusion, different production processes, but the taste is not conflict, to the diversified development of the business model is more able to meet consumer demand for dining.

The desktop

cubic Hot pot fire mode of operation is not directly affected area of the store, the store can be big or small, mostly concentrated in the location: shopping malls, shopping centers, supermarkets, pedestrian street, local leisure square, surrounding schools and residential areas, as long as there is a flow of people places are suitable for operating two cows Hot pot pot. Fire cube hotpot advantage, more profitable, easy to get rich is not a dream. Four specialty fire ushered in the Everfount cubic Hot pot shop guests before the store queue, hot shop.

fire brands do better, perfect and continuous improvement has been formed, fragrant spicy, fresh characteristics, aroma, long aftertaste and 100 entrance hearty, do not eat greasy. A cow with fifteen kinds of fine Hot pot soup characteristics of Chinese herbal medicine well cooked, spicy but not dry.

after the introduction of the above small series, I believe we have to join the fire cube hot pot has a certain understanding. Fire cube hot pot now to expand the scale of the National hot investment, welcome to join the consultation!