regardless of the weather is dry, or in air-conditioned room, the air humidity is not enough, so that people are very uncomfortable. In short, in the dry season, when we wake up in the morning, you will feel dry throat pain, sometimes nosebleeds. When we need to increase the humidity of the room, which is a good choice, very convenient. Now there are many kinds of humidifier on the market below, together with Xiaobian see humidifier ten brands list, for your reference

humidifier ten brands list of PHILPS

Royal Dutch Philips Electronics Ltd, founded in 1891, the world’s top 500, the global health care, quality of life and lighting leader, one of the world’s largest electronics companies, ranked first in europe. The creation of one hundred years has been committed to innovation, with the tapes, CD, DVD, rewritable 100 Hz TV and many inventions to the world, in the color TV, lighting, electric shavers, medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring, and one chip TV products leading the world.

humidifier ten brands list beauty

Midea Group Limited by Share Ltd, the world’s white home appliance manufacturers and brands, to the home appliance manufacturing industry based large-scale integrated enterprise groups. At present, the group of the United States employment number 126 thousand people, owns a beautiful, Little Swan, wheeling, Hualing, ande, Meizhi ten brands.

humidifier ten brands list of YADU

Beijing YADU air purification technology Co., Ltd., the domestic leading enterprises in the field of environmental protection industry, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games air purifier purifier exclusive supplier. YADU was founded in 1987, is a well-known enterprise in the field of air quality (IAQ), is the first identified by the Ministry of science and technology, private high-tech enterprises and the Zhongguancun science and Technology Park of the outstanding new technology enterprises. Its product sales network covering the country, for many years to maintain the domestic market share of more than 80%, and exported to dozens of countries, is the indoor air quality industry leading enterprises.

humidifier ten brands list Switzerland wind

Rui Plastic Precision Mold Co., Ltd., the main focus of indoor environmental purification recommended brand, the Swiss PLASTON holding group, a wholly owned subsidiary of china. This brand of humidifier is absolutely in Swiss design, technology, production, Swiss Swiss Swiss made, then 100% imported from Switzerland, the Swiss brand to guarantee the credibility and adhere to the product quality to win the trust of consumers.

humidifier ten brands list of Eupa

Xiamen Eupa Industry Co..