the success of a person, and his habits must have a great connection. Good habits can help you start a business and have a good career. So how to become a successful entrepreneur? Next to understand what the habits need to have.

two habits: a decision quickly and decisively successful, after the decision to change, is considered.

four habits: successful settings "plan that day".

five habits: diary.

Diary of

rule: A, flexibility, re expression of ideas, and not too many strict rules; two, three; and to design your life value and central idea; four, different records of everything; five, to record time and events; six, to solve the problem; seven. Learn to ask better questions; their declaration of eight, in the diary to write; nine, the daily write review in the end of the month; ten, their profound memories and experiences.

eight habits: the use of force in self implied.

nine habits: the use of meditation techniques.

ten used to maintain or create more physical energy.

> Eleven: successful habits