time has arrived in November, in the US for the upcoming eleven. At the same time, just past the near Mid Autumn Festival, national day, I believe that a lot of people the impression is very deep. Although busy and happy double has gone, but in this period, each shop to engage in a lot of promotional activities to attract a lot of customers at the same time, he also earned a lot. We may have a very deep feeling, or skillfully handled seize the business opportunities, or mismanagement mistakes. We invited several guests to talk about what a good retail experience and failure lessons in double period. First of all, we invite Liu boss to talk about.

retail guests Liu Feng

Hello, double the busy end, today I talk about this time record. I made a lot of money because I was well prepared. I have more than ten years of operating the supermarket, has accumulated a lot of experience, I have a record of sales every year, in the face of these data, I continue to organize and planning, and gradually improve. The first few years, problems. This year, I pay attention to the full range of products, work on the characteristics of the commodity, the commodity is not much surplus.

as a result of the Mid Autumn Festival and national day connected, so many goods are able to achieve joint sales. Such as cigarettes, I did not like the past blindly reserve, but the specific combination of the festival market and people’s customs, bigger to dozens of sales, and the cultural taste of cigarettes for a large number of reserves, so that I can not put too much money, do not occupy the warehouse. Therefore, I believe that the retail business owners in the face of business opportunities, must not blindly disorderly reserves, should be calm analysis and treatment, so it is scientific and feasible.

Moderator: Liu boss is really a lot of experience, in fact, a lot of times, what we lack is a calm analysis of the market, the lack of such planning capabilities. Liu boss to do so, not only to save money, but also to resolve the warehouse reserves, it is in one fell swoop. Next, we listen to the speech of Shaw boss.

retail guest Shaw

said this year’s double, although the business is better than usual a lot, but I still have many problems. A lot of things have been improving since my supermarket has just been down for a few months. The Mid Autumn Festival, I know that the moon cake will sell very quickly, advance into a group, but the customer to our supermarket is not much, think only sell vegetables and fruits. Later, under the guidance of a good friend, I put the moon cake in the supermarket door, so that customers can see, just a few days to sell a lot.

it was the first time I realized the importance of the presentation in front of me. During the national day, I will sell some of the goods on the door faster, pedestrians on the road more, we have the goods