was the choice of college graduates employment, and now their ideas have changed, more than a business choice. To this end, the South China Normal University held an exchange of entrepreneurial activities, college students to create their predecessors to ask how to start the road of student entrepreneurship.

"public entrepreneurship, innovation", now, for business, not only the community, many college students are also eager to "Internet +" campus influence summit recently held in the exchange Jing Normal University of South from Nanjing in nearly a thousand with the intention of entrepreneurship of college students to learn from entrepreneurs, to explore how to make the students walk less detours on the road of entrepreneurship "".

as "85 after" the "I" CEO Sun Shaorui, sharing his university business failures, when I was a freshman, he participated in a named "Mr. Huika" project team. "Jun Huika" is a can be used in Shanghai 10 universities around or inside more than and 600 stores the general discount card. At that time, members of the group head in the sun, wearing a suit, a contact with the merchants, eventually about six hundred, far more than the expected three hundred, but eventually sold only more than 1 thousand cards, very far and they expected eighty thousand cards are, the project failed.

in addition to the business model and the timing, Sun Shaorui said, are now exposed to a lot of college students, no basic financial technology, financial statements cannot read, simply can not grasp the business situation of enterprises, not to mention the enterprise management, in addition to the team building. It is very important to avoid legal risks, some university students apply for the loan contract because some students cheated, omissions, and cause unnecessary economic disputes. Angel investors, Wang Yuhao, President of headhunting, believes that laws and regulations and business opportunities are linked to each other, students must understand the laws and regulations.

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