college enrollment expansion, China’s college students were considered to be a product on the assembly line, no personal characteristics and innovative spirit. Now Chinese college students in order to seek a new path of development, have launched a creative mind, practice entrepreneurial skills.

as a "public entrepreneurship peoples innovation", the students should avoid what "minefield"? The day before the festival, made in 2015 "D+M" in wisdom (Chongqing University station) at the opening ceremony, "Chinese hit off the first person" said Li Dawei suggested: the "creation" can accumulate slowly, try a low risk of innovation and entrepreneurship, do not have to drop out.

"D+M" is "Dream+Maker (dream + hit off)" of Italy, the college students made Festival, invited a number of domestic public business innovation "heavyweight, Shenzhen open innovation laboratory director Li Dawei is one of them.

"and many people on the contrary, we believe that the domestic college students are very creative." Li Dawei said, in Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places full of vitality of the "double" enterprises, many are college students "masterpiece".

Innovation and entrepreneurship students

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