now society, entrepreneurship has become a major way of people’s pursuit of wealth, life of some thousand yuan rich project has also been a lot of people are welcome, so, what are the specific for thousands of dollars of venture capital project?


pencil sharpener

USB pencil knife is a small commodity is very practical and innovative, suitable for the IT industry, computer users and ordinary students, not only can save the artificial pencil trouble, and the product price is moderate, can be accepted by the public. 1000 yuan entrepreneurial projects, USB pencil knife products are mainly exported to European countries, the average monthly sales of up to about 5000. Sales in the country has just started, mainly in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to sell.

new inflatable pen mainly focuses on portability, but also more fun. The pen refill, and the inflator is soft, exhaust, can be rolled, kneading, folding, and will not damage the soft, compact, easy to carry. The inflatable device itself is not bloated, it is with the pen combined in harmony, so that the pen is inflated without using the additional facility, is very convenient. 1000 yuan project new inflatable pen, the patented product is mainly equipped with ball point pen, for the need to carry the pen of the crowd, at the same time, because of good fun, in primary and secondary school students will be widely popular.

for mobile phone, digital camera / camera, palm computer, high energy consuming products such as notebook computer batteries for power supply problems specially developed, can provide sufficient power in the product when depleted (a sufficient long time power supply, and rechargeable), provide convenience for people for business, tourism and field work. 1000 yuan venture, recommended