in order to make the business of the shop has been improved, now a lot of rural retail merchants are constantly thinking way, to seek more business strategy. Premier Li Keqiang once said in the last year, to speed up the development of rural electricity supplier, combine and store electricity suppliers, the real economy and the Internet have synergistic effect, conducive to promoting consumption, expanding domestic demand, promote the upgrading of agriculture, rural development and farmers’ income. With the economic downturn, the retail business is also facing the plight of business.

rural migrant workers appear hard to earn the money, money Haohua phenomenon, which also affected the rural retail customers income to a certain extent. Therefore, in addition to expanding the scope of business, but also the introduction of advanced concepts, the "Internet plus" thinking into daily management; at the same time, broaden the thinking, make good use of electronic business platform, the number of local characteristics of agricultural products into the larger market.

we have the local "bundle hoof town" reputation, the more farmers do the bundle hoof, the local market is close to saturation, so I use the bundle hoof agent business platform of three brands, because I have to control the quality of products is very strict, high quality and low price of good taste, very quickly on the Internet opened the market, later, I also made a brand, sales have been good, the effect of the bundle hoof local flavor snacks is also growing, now the monthly sales in the yuan, "Internet plus" really let me taste the sweetness.

in fact, relying on electronic business platform, we have a lot of rural retail customers can do. For example, the collection on behalf of mail, courier, online purchasing activities, because the rural far from the city, but also many logistics companies "tentacles" can not reach the place, we can use to take the goods retail customers the opportunity to express these in, handed out, so that not only saves the logistics transit time, but also bring return to their own (express delivery fee).

rural electricity supplier, retail customers should pay attention to three points: first, we must continue to recharge their own. Whether it is a computer or the Internet, the higher the requirements of the people, we retail customers to work hard to learn, frequently consult, and constantly improve their operational capacity; two is to have a keen sense of smell. What are the characteristics of the local things, those who have a unique geographical advantage, the greater the difficulty of copying, these resources can be used to good, will be able to open the market; three is to establish a good reputation. This is business life, do not save the cost for money, or shoddy, that is to drop their signs thing.

how to open a shop, which is a lot of operators are very concerned about the problem, if you want to achieve the goal, naturally need to take more strategies. How to manage the rural retail store, I think, in addition to sell merchandise, creating good business channels, but also according to the actual situation in rural areas, multi pronged approach to management of resource utilization. For example, to carry out the delivery to the fields, the red and white.