last year, the average daily number of new enterprises in China reached a new peak, every day more than 1 enterprises were born. However, with the increase in the number of young entrepreneurs, followed by the increasingly poor quality of entrepreneurial projects.

"at present youth entrepreneurship heat continues to heat up, especially in the field of internet. However, more than the original, less original, more patents, fewer applications, more technology, fewer products, the Internet business more, less entrepreneurial entity ‘entrepreneurial status worrying." In the afternoon of February 16th, the four session of the eleven CPPCC Anhui Provincial Communist Youth League, youth, agriculture, invited a group of the joint meeting, the provincial CPPCC members Li Guoyang made a lot of real advice for young entrepreneurs.

as chairman and Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Youth League, Li Guoyang very supportive of youth entrepreneurship, but he also pointed out that at present, many of the young entrepreneurs is blind, its business products to win market acceptance, entrepreneurship is more concentrated in low threshold, low investment industry, there are many problems. In his view, should strengthen the construction of youth entrepreneurship support system, first of all, from the government level to strengthen the support of youth entrepreneurship.

in the further optimization of entrepreneurial atmosphere environment at the same time, Li Guoyang suggested to build Anhui Province youth business information public service network, through the integration of all kinds of entrepreneurial resources, provide better service for young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. In the aspect of financing, he recommended the establishment of a special fund to support young entrepreneurs in Anhui Province, the use of special funds for outstanding young entrepreneurial projects to loans and other support policies. Financial institutions under the premise of effective prevention of risks, innovative security, the development of green brand exclusive financial products, efforts to solve the problem of loans, loans expensive.

in the market survival of the fittest rules, does not meet the demand of the market and not the national development must venture is bound to be eliminated. Young entrepreneurs want to be based on the market, it is necessary to do the quality of entrepreneurship.

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