in a variety of venture capital projects, the cake has been loved by many people, and thus has a good business market. Because of this, although the cake shop has been shop business project a strong profitability, but now not every patisserie friends can easily earn money, there are a lot of cake shop, join friends, have not received the expected investment effect, have closed, to minimize the loss.

investigate the reasons for blind investment, no market capacity to investigate, the cake shop is too dense, oversupply form their respective market. So, want to do cake shop to join friends or in the cake shop location on foot, try to avoid the cake shop more dense area.

in Nanjing’s most popular "Ruko grandpa" cake shop in Xinjiekou recently closed suddenly. From the initial queue up to panic buying now sadly ended, only a year’s time. Has opened 4 stores in Xinjiekou a "Ruko grandpa" peak, now only a branch. Reporters found that not only "Ruko grandpa", the same hot Chesi uncle cake shop business deserted lot.

opened in the first Department of the Department of ocean department store has long been closed down. A franchisee said that the cake business is not good to do, some people would like to join them if they will be careful to consider.

insiders told reporters from Taiwan hand cake, the dregs of the earth Clay oven rolls yellow chicken stew, Steamed Rice, Ruko Chesi uncle grandpa cake, cake, baked egg cake, grass pig’s trotters shop, Hirotaka Egg Tart, chicken…… These have been in Nanjing for a snack, are like a gust of wind in the propaganda line after the franchise business finally become a dull blossom everywhere, some even on the market, can not see the shadow. Disappeared from the initial burst of red to follow the trend of this period, the investment general delicacy basically only half the time, after six months, investors are basically little profit.


survey "Ruko grandpa" Xinjiekou only a branch of

recently, located in the Xinjiekou subway station 19, exit 21 "Ruko grandpa" cake shop quietly closed. "When it first opened, the business is very hot, especially in line." "A staff member Ruko grandpa" next to the shop recalls the scene of long queues to buy a cake for a period of time. However, after being exposed to the media suspected of baking a cake brand in Japan, the people who buy a lot less. In addition, the "Ruko grandpa" single product, only to buy a cake.

a number of people said that after a few times to follow the trend to lose freshness, did not buy it cake. With the flow reduction, "Ruko grandpa" business fell into a trough, before the clerk not to buy cake greeting customers, then began to shout to attract passing.