promotions to send some gifts, which is very normal thing in the present, in short, in the tide of holiday promotions, want to promote better results, but also need to choose the promotion. Holiday promotional activities not only simple, but also similar promotions, one of the most commonly used is the business gifts delivery is also an effective way, especially in the terminal and the fierce market competition, the style is also a variety of gifts. And there are many times, a lot of consumers to buy goods is to go to the gift, so the election is very important to the gift.

Zhengzhou Kang Longyan hotel boss Zhao shop counter, stocked with various manufacturers and distribution of the value of different gifts, telephone, electric irons, quite compelling. Zhao boss said: I generally in the holidays when working with manufacturers to cooperate, presented to the customer a number of small gifts, but sometimes gifts can not fully attract consumers. Some gifts are more upscale, not close to the people, in order to get to spend a high price to buy goods. So, by contrast, my lighter is more attractive."

Zhao boss told reporters that the general retail not one-time purchase of high value, and the customer will not because of gifts and blindly purchase a large number of tobacco storage. "I think it’s better to be practical, too fancy or too expensive to have a distance with consumers."

in addition, gifts should not only practical, but also to change things, not only monotonous, a gift, a gift of repeated use will cause fatigue of consumers, so that consumers feel disgusted, such gifts not only can not play the role of promotion, it will affect the sales of the products. "A gift is too frequent, completely fresh." And to offer gifts according to the characteristics of the market, the customer is relatively high consumption level, does not care about the value of gifts, and some exquisite creative gadgets can often win their favor. The level of customer consumption in general, it can provide some valuable and practical things.

in this aspect to provide gifts, we can learn some experience in the old village of wine, his goal is to provide the rural market, so his gifts is also close to the target consumer groups, to the people’s daily necessities mainly provide gifts including towels, socks, stainless steel bowl, rice cooker, belt and so on, have a certain attractive to consumers. And he engaged in activities in the way will be more and more frequently, FCL send glasses, caps for gifts, send cash to open a bottle and so on, can quickly open the market, closer to consumers.

since you want to get the recognition of the way through the gift of gifts, this gift also needs to be recognized by the public, so that it will really play a role in the promotion. So, if you are a smoke hotel owner, is now ready for promotion by giving gifts, know in the selection of gifts need attention.