because of the more serious pollution in various industries, therefore, disinfectant is naturally a great welcome, a lot of product lines, the brand is more. Of course, if you want to choose a better disinfectant products, may wish to choose a higher visibility of the brand. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce disinfection of the top ten brands, which can give you the choice to make a better reference.

disinfectant ten brands list NO.1, aitefu 84: national protection of trademarks, brand-name products in Jiangsu, one of the largest production base China disinfectant. The famous large enterprises, Jiangsu aitefu Group Co. ltd..

disinfectant ten brands list NO.2, Walch Walch: national protection of trademarks, well-known brands, high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, the chemical industry leading enterprises, the competitiveness of the brand, Wiley (Guangzhou) Co., ltd..

disinfectant ten brands list: Dettol NO.3, England on 1932, Dettol Reckitt’s brand, household cleaning and personal care is one of the world’s largest consumer company, Reckitt Benckiser (China) Co. ltd..

disinfection of the top ten brands of NO.4, blue moon: Guangzhou City, a well-known trademark, the earliest one of the professional brands engaged in the production of household cleaners, hand sanitizer brand, blue moon (China) Co., ltd..

disinfectant ten brands list NO.5, Colin long: well-known trademarks in Beijing City, Beijing city brand, brand disinfectant best-selling market, leading brand cleaning field, Colin Beijing Long’an Medical Technology Co Ltd.

disinfectant ten brands list NO.6, Mr. Vermeer: founded in the United States, the state trademark protection, the world famous brand Home Furnishing cleaning supplies, household cleaning agents leading brands, a Sino US joint venture, Shanghai Johnson ltd..

disinfectant ten brands list NO.7, Amway will speed: in 1959, the largest direct selling enterprises, one of the largest private enterprises in the United States, reputable multinational companies, Amway (Chinese) Commodity Co. ltd..

disinfectant ten brands list NO.8, kaimi Kami: national trademark protection, national high-tech enterprise, Chinese environmental product certification mark, one of the most competitive brands on the market, Xi’an kaimi Limited by Share Ltd.

disinfectant ten brands list, NO.9 home: the field of household cleaning brands, the domestic cosmetics industry’s first listed company, the leading brand of air conditioning disinfectant industry, Shanghai Jahwa Abt Associates Inc.

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