if you want to do a good job in the off-season to do a good job, often need to take a certain business strategy. UOB supermarket manager Xu Chuangao told this reporter, for the shop business of retail customers, the new brand is always attract the attention of consumers "highlights". There are a lot of retail customers are the new brand on the market sales peak, in this way to increase the sales of the brand new.

actually, I think this kind of practice in the poor, because the sales peak, the store has many customers are People are hurrying to and fro., with a purpose to come shopping, they tend to closely watch the goods they need, while ignoring other commodities. The sales season is not the same, many consumers are shopping while leisure, it can be said that there is a lot of time to focus on commodities, in this case, the new brand of concern has been effectively improved.

Xu Chuangao also told reporters that the new brand in Dahua supermarket sales of prime time is not the season, but in the sales season, he is generally rely on these unique products to drive the sales of other goods, to do the off-season market. Of course, in the process of new sales, other supporting measures to keep up with, such as advertising, store POP production, sales staff introduction, etc..

although the weather has just turned hot, Hualian Shopping Center in an interview, let reporters have felt cool. Originally, here is holding a "cool summer" shopping activities, turn in a circle, the reporter saw in the store, many only see in the summer seasonal goods have already been placed on the counter, shelves, and the price is not expensive. According to store salesman Li Xiaojie introduction, this period of time due to sales in the off-season, many businesses also stare at that season sales after the backlog of goods, but also stare at discounts on goods.

in order to attract more popularity, driven sales, merchandise in a "fashion" brand, Hualian can be said to be one step ahead. Miss Lee also said that through this event, since the "51" small long after, Hualian’s popularity has been very good, not because of the arrival of the off-season and felt the purchasing power decline.

and every supermarket shop is high crowded, the supermarket is combined with several well-known beverage manufacturers engaged in new products exhibition. Many of the "new faces" launched let reporters is dizzying, some series of styles is the reporter I had never met, from the crowded situation, 2/3 are women, the day also coincides with the weekend, there are many is a family of three to buy.

Reporters at the exhibition site

were stopped a young couple, husband happily told reporters, now the child mouth more and more "Diao", drink more, no interest. No, the weather is getting hot, I heard there’s a new drink