in June the 17th this year, there will be a 3 day international exhibition in Zhengzhou. The Ninth Asian and European · China Zhengzhou International Preschool Education Expo will be there grand opening. In this jumbly market, in which the enterprise is carried out on the basis of the judgment?

study showed that on average visit exhibitors booth volume as the base, only 12% of people in the month received the company’s sales staff call 12 before the exhibition, 88% new potential customers, but also show exhibitors to bring new customers to a high level. For the company’s products and services, 49% of the visitors are planning to buy those products and services. The exhibition is a business opportunity to show their strength, and how to choose a good exhibition platform, is the enterprise cautious problem.

first, look at the platform strength.

recently, the highly anticipated "Mi month biography" since its launch, has been well received by the national pursuit. As the heroine Sun Li, MI month, is from an unpopular step by step the princess became the first history of the empress dowager. Not only rely on their own talent intelligence, but also closely related to their identity background and years of growth and accumulation. Similarly, a good business, with good exhibits should also choose a strength of the exhibition.

exhibition organizing committee is the core of the exhibitors and professional audience, the strength of the organizing committee to a large extent affect the exhibition effect. A good educational exhibition, years of market precipitation, is a comprehensive test of the strength of the party organization, related to the Department in charge of industry leaders, industry experts, professional audience, manufacturers, distributors, agents and other aspects of the people. Zhengzhou Ouya International Preschool Education Fair (referred to as: the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition) was founded in 2009, has the Henan Province Private Education Association, Henan Provincial Education Equipment Industry Association, Henan province Modern Education Technology Association, the Henan Provincial Education Association jointly organized the relevant authorities before Co, is the first "children’s education" as the theme professional exhibition.

second, see platform publicity.

exhibitors in addition to want to contact potential customers, the scene to reach a deal, the promotion of products, enhance the brand image is also a very important purpose of many exhibitors. To ensure that the effect of the show, exhibitors effective dissemination of information, the ninth session of the Zhengzhou Eurasia preschool education into a huge exhibition organizing committee propaganda, the use of traditional media, Internet media, outdoor advertising, hundreds of media in an all-round and multi angle to carry out publicity and promotion work. At present, with the global network has joined nearly 80 preschool education media industry signed a cooperation agreement, while still Dahe, Zhengzhou daily, Zhengzhou daily, Henan education television, Zhengzhou education television nearly 20 media strongly recommended