is often the dream of success for those who are ready for it, at the same time, now the whole society also has the entrepreneurial dream a lot of people, some people will be entrepreneurial dreams into practice, with their own efforts to succeed.

to patent into productivity

2000, Bai Jian Bing graduated from Shandong Industrial University in mechanical design and manufacture of professional. With the enthusiasm of CNC technology, he taught himself to become the first person engaged in in-depth exploration of numerical control technology in Liaocheng. Liaocheng Industrial school, Liaocheng University has been hired as a professional lecturer in NC, perennial was around the area of Liaocheng enterprises hired as a numerical control technical adviser".

Six patents

"my dream is to let yourself get into productive forces, to achieve the real social value." Bai Jianbing said that once went to Zhejiang to participate in the national NC professional seminars, many colleagues suggested his own business. At that time my technology in the north of the Yangtze River region has not yet, it is an opportunity, it is peer persuasion let me have entrepreneurial impulse."

the difficult business that had made him cry in the rain

White Jian Bing in three rented to one hundred bungalows, all day and night with three workers. The lack of raw materials, Bai Jianbing electric car ride to Hong Kong to buy, there is a sudden way to buy raw materials in the heavy rain, white was soaked through Jian bing. Rain hit the face is very sad, think about why they put a stable life, however, have to come out of this crime. Thinking about the time to cry." Bai Jianbing said.

Linqing tobacconist

2010 in May, the first machine made out to Bai Jianbing, he has worked as a technical adviser to the factory to sell, the other didn’t believe him. At that time, it was often said that I was a liar, this is not recognized and understood so I am very distressed."

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