take the food, in our life, has always been a very delicious food. For business with a small capital entrepreneur can choose to join this 3 take food very popular project selection. The choice of high-quality food to join the project, no doubt, is a very choice of business opportunities!

in recent years, with the accelerated process of city, population flow, the spicy and delicious dishes, taste mellow, diverse, affordable, dining and sale in the form of flexible to take food, by the city clerk, white-collar, traveler and tertiary students and other fashion family welcome.

The average profit of

three times to take food at around 45%, a total investment of about 20 square meters of shops in about 2W yuan, according to the daily noon and night shop 8 yuan per capita consumption of 100 people to calculate the daily consumption, the daily turnover of 800 yuan, net profit of 360 yuan, 24000 yuan a month is under turnover of more than 10000 yuan in net profit.

Gu take food R & D, design, production and marketing in one, three times to take food distribution, free agent, store franchise, regional development and cooperation, join the two franchise three times to take food in the national investment, the company will be a solid backing service our franchisees.

in fact, the choice of a good project is very important. 3 take food to join? 3 take food to join money? Has always been a problem that bothers us. 3 take food to join, is to make the shop! Worthy of choice, it is worth joining!