high quality home appliances are always very advantageous. Fresh air system? Not only can eradicate the haze, but also for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, to join the new system project, is a very powerful choice. Next, let’s take a look at the new air system!

what is the fresh air system?

fresh air system is an independent air handling system composed of air supply system and exhaust system. The pipeline type fresh air system by fan and pipe fittings, purifying outdoor air into the interior through the fresh air through the pipeline, discharging the indoor air; no pipe air system by fresh air and breathing machine treasure, also by fresh air purifying machine outdoor air into the interior, at the same time by breathing polluted air from the interior will treasure.

fresh air system really useful?

fresh air system can purify the air fresh air ventilation system, deodorization, dust, moisture, adjust the room temperature effect. Indoor ventilation, the introduction of outdoor fresh air, the discharge of contaminated air, so that indoor 24 hours can breathe fresh air. Moreover, taking into account the energy conservation and reuse, exhaust air will be done heat recovery, and the recovery rate of more than 80%, as a new energy, in some high-end projects and residential areas have begun to introduce.

fresh air system? Open their own brand stores, in fact, make money is so simple. So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up!