female entrepreneurship has attracted much attention in the whole society, and now governments are actively adopting some activities in order to promote the development of the mode of the whole female entrepreneurship, the number of female entrepreneurs are also increasing gradually.

the work started in 2009. In order to implement the national and provincial women’s microfinance loan policy and the municipal government on the deployment of national entrepreneurship, city women’s Federation and Municipal Bureau of human resources and social innovation initiatives, on the introduction of the "Tangshan City women small loans to create a business park management approach", intensive business enterprises, relying on a certain scale of farming, farmer professional cooperative organization integrated modern agriculture base and create women small loans business park, business park park by women entrepreneurs to provide loans to counter guarantee, through a unified security, household management, group development, continuous service, breaking the bottleneck of women entrepreneurship loan counter guarantee difficult, admission to attract women entrepreneurship, promote employment.

2015, the Municipal Women’s Federation will promote women small loans business park construction as an important carrier of public entrepreneurship, innovation ", to promote the work of. As of now, Tangshan City has established women small loans business park 71, operation mode, push the national promotion in the city, Municipal Women’s Federation was awarded the national advanced collective of women small loans.


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