2015 the first year of this venture has been in the past, innovation and entrepreneurship is also beginning to bear fruit, under the guidance of the policy, a lot of entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship to change their lives. 2016 new year should be a summary. So, in 2015 the first year of this venture, you have done?

2015 in March the government work report "public entrepreneurship, innovation, social innovation" entrepreneurial enthusiasm. In 2016 the government work report referred respectively to innovation and entrepreneurship 59 times and 22 times compared to 2015, more than 21 times and 9 times, the "double" to get the "enhanced", entrepreneurs confidence greatly enhanced.

panoramic scanning: annual growing 12 thousand enterprises of Guangzhou Shenzhen the hottest 2016 government work report said, continue to promote innovation driven development strategy, with the industry to accelerate the integration of the Internet, the rapid growth of emerging industries. Public entrepreneurship, innovation development, 21.6% annual growth of newly registered enterprises, the average daily increase of 12 thousand. The new momentum of steady employment, promote the upgrade has played a prominent role in promoting economic and social change.

the government work report pointed out that China’s development of the implementation of innovation driven development strategy outline and opinions, introduced to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation policies and measures to implement the "Internet +" action plan, strengthen the new driving force for economic development. A large number of passengers embarked on the road of entrepreneurship innovation.

this, science and technology and the Internet business is particularly prominent. 36 krypton Institute continuous monitoring of more than 50 thousand nationwide enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship, from 2015 after the Spring Festival, entrepreneurs in high spirits. March 2015 entrepreneurial enthusiasm reached its peak, in March and the establishment of active Internet start-ups up to 908.