this is a new era of entrepreneurship, the emergence of entrepreneurial companies can be said to be beyond count not much success, and among them, so in the end what causes these startups fail? Xiaobian summed up the 7 major reasons for the demise of start-up companies.

1. creative crowdsourcing electricity supplier Quirky: die product is not the ultimate

2009 released Quirky is a platform for innovation, people can vote for their love of the idea, the Quirky community weekly will select all products from the current creative a week submitted by a submitter and put it into reality, creativity has become the inventor of the product.

The reason

financing amount: $185 million. From Andriessen ·, GE, RREVentures, Norwest.

2015 start-up company’s 7 death trap

2. Homejoy: from customers domestic sector originator retention rate of

Homejoy is in accordance with the shared economic model to provide housekeeping service company, is also the first odd economy (Gigeconomy) company, Homejoy is providing low-cost cleaning services.

Cause of death: Re/code